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Kate treated me for chronic myofascial pain and pelvic pain in particular. She is a superb practitioner in every way- knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate. Kate is an excellent listener and clearly can adapt treatment specifics to the individual's particular needs. She's open-minded and creative and clients can truly connect with her to approach their challenges in a very integrative fashion. Kate merits the highest recommendation.

Mimi B.

Kate is a highly skilled professional with great dedication to patient welfare. She enabled me to recover from a series of surgeries and regain mobility and enjoyment of life. Thank you, Kate.

Richard F.

I came to Kate Biles after 3 years of pelvic floor pain and inconclusive (and sometimes unsupportive) help from my OBGYN, chiropractor, and another physical therapist. Walking into Kate's office for the first time I burst into tears as I knew this simply had to work-I was at the end of my rope with my horrific pelvic floor pain that impacted my daily activities as a mother to two small children, a wife to a wonderful man, and a woman. Working with Kate was completely life changing. Not only did she treat my severe pelvic floor pain, but she also worked with me on engaging my core and changing my posture and ways in which I regularly move my body so as to not further harm my supporting joints and muscles. Kate approached this work with a true listening ear and in an overall gentle manner giving me exercises that I could include in my daily movement and play with my children-it didn't feel like homework! I'm so thankful for meeting Kate and value her work and teachings that continue to positively impact my life!

Wayne, PA

Kate Biles is not your ordinary physical therapist. She takes on the difficult patients like myself. I had bilateral knee replacements in 2006 which failed. Unfortunately, I did not respond to the usual physical therapy and was left with very limited range of motion, fearing I would end up in a wheelchair. At the recommendation of a co-worker, I called and scheduled an evaluation with Kate. She worked with me using hands-on therapy (we have all been to the physical therapist that spends ten minutes of hands-on and the rest of your time is with an aide doing machines and exercises that either never helped or are impossible for you to do). Let Kate give you an evaluation and help make an individual plan suited for you. Her treatment room is warm and friendly. She does much to provide comfort for all her clients. Call today and get started on a new path of living life to the fullest.

King of Prussia, PA

I met Kate in 2013. I had been recently diagnosed with 2 bulging discs in my neck, C4 and C5. After seeing a chiropractor, other physical therapists and getting cortisone shots in my neck, I still had no relief. I was talking with a friend of mine who had a similar diagnosis and she told my how Kate helped her fully recover. Kate taught me correct exercises to do to relieve my pain and did a lot of myofascial release work on me.

Needless to say, after 4 years, I am still pain free and when I do feel something in my neck, I have the skills to work through it with the exercises Kate taught me.

As of today, Kate has treated my whole family for different things. She was an integral part of my daughter’s treatment for Amplified Pain Syndrome. My other daughter went to Kate for physical therapy after many torn ligaments and broken bones in her ankles and saw her quite a few times for cranial sacral therapy after her concussions. Lastly, my husband recently became a patient of Kate’s after he had shoulder surgery to remove bone spurs and repair a tendon.

We joke in our house that we have Kate on speed dial but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a very knowledgeable physical therapist who treats the whole person and always gives you her undivided attention.

Patti R.
Malvern, PA

About a year ago I was diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction. I had extreme pain in my penis and scrotum and was almost immobile. Sitting pain was 10/10 so I stood all day for work and for meals. Life was miserable.

My family doctor diagnosed prostatitis and ordered antibiotics. This did not help at all. A cystoscopy was done to check my bladder and that test was negative.

A urologist then recommended that I consult Dr. Biles. From my first visit, I got intense physical therapy and was also given exercise to continue at home. As I continued the therapy my pain decreased to the point where I am almost back to 100% regular activities. I can sit at work and for meals. I can drive long distances again. Dr Kate took the time to understand my pain issue and created a plan of action to tackle the pain. I am very thankful for her.

Malvern, PA

Regular wellness visits with Kate over the last few years have helped me stay on top of ongoing back and neck issues. She has taught me stretches and exercises that keep me feeling good between sessions. And if I have an occasional flare up - I can see her more often for quick relief.

Nancy L.
Reading, PA